Burberry Faces

Our February 2017 models on their likes, loves, and personal style

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Ella King, 17
"My wardrobe is mostly vintage and sportswear that I wear to not do sports."
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Elfie Reigate, 17
"I’m into ‪Frank Ocean‬‬, creative writing and custard creams."
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Thomas Walmsley, 26
"My style: 1970s fashion, ill-fitting clothes, wide lapels and oddments."
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Henry Kitcher, 21
"My likes include New Order, bananas and the feeling of the unknown."
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Alex K, 19
"I’m studying fine art at Central Saint Martins and working part-time at Machine-A."
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Amber Witcomb, 22
"I grew up in Worcester but now I live in Niagara on the east coast of Canada."
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Maya Gunn, 17
"My favourite places are Mexico, Japan and China – I can speak a little Mandarin."
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Tamara Long, 18
"I like cats, avocados and Mary Poppins."
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Myles Dominique, 18
"I was born and raised in Lewisham and I used to play football for Fulham Academy."
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Jess Cole, 22
"My style: an adolescent boy raiding his Parisian mum’s wardrobe."
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Sophie H, 16
"I’m an A-level student from sunny Newcastle in the north-east of England."
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Tom Fool, 20
"My style is that of an undead comedian on a day off."
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